06/10/2009, 5:38 pm
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I’m so relieved that the site is up and looking the way I imagined it. added a few new necklaces, including the hatched necklace everyone seemed to love. check out the new lineup:

new pendants on bumblesea jewelry

new pendants on bumblesea jewelry

looks much better with sixteen designs up, but I still need more. I think part of the reason why the last jewelry line was so successful is because I had a bit over fifty designs. I need to step up my game and stay patient. my alexa rank has jumped 18 million points since the launch. my ranking is still terrible right now but it’ll get better over time. 18 million in a few weeks isn’t shabby. and the buzz interview comes out tomorrow! I am so nervous, I know they’ll end up publishing a picture of me looking like a quadruped.

last night was a consisted of my favorite girls on earth, making fresh mojitos, fawning over iron chef, and roasting marshmallows over a candle. I love that I’m able to run bumblesea from wherever I’m living at the moment. for a while I felt like a nomad. but I’m so happy to be home, I don’t know if I could ever leave. I know once it gets cold again I’ll be grumbling about how I should be living in austin, TX. but this summer has been great so far.


what I’ve been up to
06/04/2009, 1:40 am
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I’ve officially hired an intern! her name is jean, she’s a journalism major and she’ll be the slaving away doing my work while I drink pina coladas all day. a few hours after we met she had already convinced buzz to feature bumblesea. I was amazed at how many people applied for the internship but I’m sure I made the right choice.

I know I’ve been talking about this forever but I’m finally done taking better photos of the jewelry. I’m in the editing/finishing stage right now and I’m pretty happy with the results. the hatched necklace and a few other new designs will be added to the site in the update as well.

some plans are in the works to make recurring (possibly weekly?) blog posts about DIY projects. I am tired of the majority of the content on here being shameless plugs for bumblesea. I’m also compiling a list of all the talented artists and designers I’ve met/discovered in the independent and handmade community to be featured here. if you want to be featured you can always email me to be considered.

there are a few other interviews being arranged in addition to buzz, I’m happy that everything is falling into place for the new line. I’ve picked the worst possible time to turn bumblesea into a luxury brand but I’m feeling more comfortable with it as I go on.

my mantra for the week, via flickr:

YES ! by twisty331

YES ! by twisty331

site’s up

three days into the blog and I drop off the face of the earth. great start.

not much to post about, the bumblesea website is done and looks decent. need to make some minor changes to the CSS and take some better photos of the jewelry and I’ll finally be happy with it.

been a bit lazy in terms of getting new jewelry done, partially because I haven’t had a functioning torch to use for a while. every torch I’ve bought has broken within a few weeks. I bought a new one on amazon so there’s no excuse to not get some new work done.

contacted a few illustrators to collaborate with on some new acrylic jewelry for a project I have in mind. I’ve had my eye on cynthia yee for a while now, her work is incredible:

cynthia yee illustration

cynthia yee illustration

head like a (censored) orange
05/02/2009, 10:22 pm
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dreamweaver and I are getting along fairly well today. there’s nothing better than listening to ricky gervais vs karl pilkington while trying to figure out CSS. some sage traveling advice from karl, “australia, I’ve never been there myself.” but back to my current trials and tribulations of web design, I keep having to ask myself why I’m not hiring someone to do the site for me. it’s primarily because I’ve spent too much money on supplies to be able to fork out at least $2,000 for a decent ecommerce site. I puttered about craigslist trying to scout out any designers with both talent and reasonable prices but I’m picky and tend to have expensive taste.

most of the designers who responded to my ads on craigslist had little going for them. but one stood out in particular, a lovely little gem called mage productions. after visiting their corner of the web I decided to put the search for a web designer on hold, and to launch the first release of the new jewelry line with a website I’d made myself.

the light at the end of the tunnel of all this nonsense is that I can finally order some fancy business cards when the site’s up. eyecandy time:

di marques business card

ventures business card

ventures business card

bubi business card by milkjar

bubi business card by milkjar

I promise to update this blog

stressed about the launch of bumblesea 3.0. I want everything to be perfect for the release but I’ve been using that as an excuse to not make a new website for several months now. I’ve decided to go ahead and launch the site and make some tweaks later. my CSS skills are ten kinds of terrible but I’m slowly gaining an appreciation for it. not quite as scary as I thought.

goal launch date was set to may 1st. oops.

a bit of inspiration for the day:

opossum earrings by junipermoon

opossum earrings by joonipermoon