heart handmade interview

marichelle from heart handmade interviewed me a few days ago, it’s up on the blog here!

her wire + fabric work on her etsy shop, wunderlust,  is adorable. always makes me happy when a talented artist digs my jewelry.

coz I said so by wunderlust

coz I said so by wunderlust


j.mo vs polyvore 2.0


black and white polyvore set by bumblesea

black and white polyvore set by bumblesea

quartz crystals, putting them under your pillow
06/05/2009, 5:57 am
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the official soundtrack for summer ’09

(don’t let your grandma hear this, unless she appreciates the fine art of F-bombs)

summer 09 mix

summer '09 mix

new order – age of consent
clinic – the witch
white town – your woman
jim noir – key of c
lcd soundsystem – someone great
beanie sigel vs jay z – glock nines (ratatat mix)
animal collective – summertime clothes
soul coughing – screenwriters blues
gorillaz – stop the dams
modeselektor – dark side of the sun
jim noir – what you gonna do
atlas sound – river card
mark ronson vs ghostface killah – ooh wee
the unicorns – 52 things
le loup – we are gods we are wolves
test icicles – what’s your damage (alan braxe & fred falke mix)
the dodos – the season
röyksopp – poor leno (istanbul forever mix)

studio inspiration
05/23/2009, 4:53 pm
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planning to redo my entire studio room, it’s looking pretty trashed right now. some studio spaces found via flickr:

studio by ATLITW

planet red by redredday

domi at my desk by castanet

getting lots of work done today, BAM!!! TACOS!

fun things that should be done soon: new business cards (now I can finally use my new slick business card holder), new photos of the line (the current photos are making me physically ill every time I look at them), the new acrylic line, press releases, photos of the studio, bam bam bam. I’m ready to start promoting and schmoozing journalists and bloggers, it’s what I do best. grace bonney, I swear one day you’re gonna love me.

lovely lichens
05/10/2009, 10:22 pm
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I forgot how much work it is to run bumblesea even with the site done. makes me appreciate how far I got in the earlier stages of the business.

trying to make some pure silver lichens at the moment. if everything goes according to plan I could see lichen jewelry becoming a signature bumblesea design.

lichens! and a superbly creepy (four eyed?) spider.

spider lurking in lichen by nutmeg66

spider lurking in lichen by nutmeg66

lichen on a branch by michiel thomas

lichen on a branch by michiel thomas

site’s up

three days into the blog and I drop off the face of the earth. great start.

not much to post about, the bumblesea website is done and looks decent. need to make some minor changes to the CSS and take some better photos of the jewelry and I’ll finally be happy with it.

been a bit lazy in terms of getting new jewelry done, partially because I haven’t had a functioning torch to use for a while. every torch I’ve bought has broken within a few weeks. I bought a new one on amazon so there’s no excuse to not get some new work done.

contacted a few illustrators to collaborate with on some new acrylic jewelry for a project I have in mind. I’ve had my eye on cynthia yee for a while now, her work is incredible:

cynthia yee illustration

cynthia yee illustration

I promise to update this blog

stressed about the launch of bumblesea 3.0. I want everything to be perfect for the release but I’ve been using that as an excuse to not make a new website for several months now. I’ve decided to go ahead and launch the site and make some tweaks later. my CSS skills are ten kinds of terrible but I’m slowly gaining an appreciation for it. not quite as scary as I thought.

goal launch date was set to may 1st. oops.

a bit of inspiration for the day:

opossum earrings by junipermoon

opossum earrings by joonipermoon