heart handmade interview

marichelle from heart handmade interviewed me a few days ago, it’s up on the blog here!

her wire + fabric work on her etsy shop, wunderlust,  is adorable. always makes me happy when a talented artist digs my jewelry.

coz I said so by wunderlust

coz I said so by wunderlust


j.mo vs polyvore 2.0


black and white polyvore set by bumblesea

black and white polyvore set by bumblesea

quartz crystals, putting them under your pillow
06/05/2009, 5:57 am
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the official soundtrack for summer ’09

(don’t let your grandma hear this, unless she appreciates the fine art of F-bombs)

summer 09 mix

summer '09 mix

new order – age of consent
clinic – the witch
white town – your woman
jim noir – key of c
lcd soundsystem – someone great
beanie sigel vs jay z – glock nines (ratatat mix)
animal collective – summertime clothes
soul coughing – screenwriters blues
gorillaz – stop the dams
modeselektor – dark side of the sun
jim noir – what you gonna do
atlas sound – river card
mark ronson vs ghostface killah – ooh wee
the unicorns – 52 things
le loup – we are gods we are wolves
test icicles – what’s your damage (alan braxe & fred falke mix)
the dodos – the season
röyksopp – poor leno (istanbul forever mix)

I’d rather be tweeting
05/29/2009, 4:25 pm
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so I’m, what, a bit over two weeks into twitter and I’ve already amassed 2081 followers. most of the referrals to this blog and bumblesea are coming from my twitter account. certainly beats hawking products on myspace.

weather’s great, zucchini’s growing. I’m getting everyone I can to play badminton tonight. can you tell I haven’t gotten any work done lately?

I want to grow a little moss garden but every time I attempt to it dies off. I’ve tried transplanting clumps and this method. what am I doing wrong?

small world by caddis fly

small world by caddis fly

and in the time it took me to write this tiny update, eight people have added me on twitter. add add add.

zebra boyshorts + lettuce
05/27/2009, 4:38 pm
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finally took some photos of the boyshort swim trunks I had custom made by enhancedance on etsy.

zebra + lettuce by bumblesea

zebra boy shorts + lettuce by bumblesea via flickr




plus organic deer tongue lettuce and arugula that I grew. I adore my little green bowl.

studio inspiration
05/23/2009, 4:53 pm
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planning to redo my entire studio room, it’s looking pretty trashed right now. some studio spaces found via flickr:

studio by ATLITW

planet red by redredday

domi at my desk by castanet

getting lots of work done today, BAM!!! TACOS!

fun things that should be done soon: new business cards (now I can finally use my new slick business card holder), new photos of the line (the current photos are making me physically ill every time I look at them), the new acrylic line, press releases, photos of the studio, bam bam bam. I’m ready to start promoting and schmoozing journalists and bloggers, it’s what I do best. grace bonney, I swear one day you’re gonna love me.

no sleep
05/21/2009, 11:07 am
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tweaking the website, getting ready to have the new acrylic line produced. can’t sleep because of constant head/jaw aches. I’m pretty sure I’m developing TMJ since it runs in the family, this should be fun. wtityb right?

doodles for the new jewelry:

bumblesea acrylic sketches

bumblesea acrylic sketches