06/10/2009, 5:38 pm
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I’m so relieved that the site is up and looking the way I imagined it. added a few new necklaces, including the hatched necklace everyone seemed to love. check out the new lineup:

new pendants on bumblesea jewelry

new pendants on bumblesea jewelry

looks much better with sixteen designs up, but I still need more. I think part of the reason why the last jewelry line was so successful is because I had a bit over fifty designs. I need to step up my game and stay patient. my alexa rank has jumped 18 million points since the launch. my ranking is still terrible right now but it’ll get better over time. 18 million in a few weeks isn’t shabby. and the buzz interview comes out tomorrow! I am so nervous, I know they’ll end up publishing a picture of me looking like a quadruped.

last night was a consisted of my favorite girls on earth, making fresh mojitos, fawning over iron chef, and roasting marshmallows over a candle. I love that I’m able to run bumblesea from wherever I’m living at the moment. for a while I felt like a nomad. but I’m so happy to be home, I don’t know if I could ever leave. I know once it gets cold again I’ll be grumbling about how I should be living in austin, TX. but this summer has been great so far.


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Your necklaces and pendants are beautiful! I am going to go check out your site now.

Comment by SafariJane

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