the return of the moustache
05/03/2009, 2:18 pm
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a few weeks ago I crawled out from underneath my rock and learned what polyvore was. I bookmarked it thinking it would be a good way to get some free online exposure.

last night I did a vanity google search for bumblesea and realized that there are already several people promoting my old line on there. finding blog posts about my work is always flattering but seeing all these polyvore collections with my moustache necklace and reading all the comments about it takes the cake. they seems to lack many handmade items, I can’t believe my jewelry actually made it on their website.

if there was any doubt in my mind to bring back a few acrylic designs, it’s been erased completely. I was hoping I could give the new version of bumblesea a more cohesive structure by selling only silver necklaces. damn you, polyvore.

so for those of you who are still mopey about not getting one before I stopped selling them, chin up. they’ll be back in a few weeks.

bumblesea moustache necklace on polyvore

bumblesea moustache necklace on polyvore


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